Sudoku - Classic Sudoku Puzzle


Sudoku free puzzle game is a best brain number game for beginners and advanced, download sudoku and solve daily sudoku to train your brain and enjoy challenge. number game has multiples different challenging sudoku puzzles everyday to improve your skills, play and pass the time with this free classic puzzle game.

Classic sudoku is free number puzzle game for android phones and tablets it come with thousands of number games to explore, our Sudoku puzzle app comes in six difficulty levels: custom, easy, medium, hard, challenge, enjoy sudoku games anytime anywhere you can also play sudoku offline!.

Sudoku puzzle games have many features that make this number free puzzle easy to play : hints button can help you when you need it, highlight duplicates errors , reset the board and more you will find all you need whether you are playing for the first number riddle puzzle game, or expert player, choose any level you like, place 1 to 9 digit numbers and enjoy!
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✓ Sudoku puzzles provide 4 difficulty levels - easy sudoku, medium sudoku, hard sudoku and challenge sudoku! for sudoku beginners & advanced players!
✓ Daily Sudoku Challenges to collect trophies
✓ Hints to guide you through the numbers when you get stuck
✓ Notes ✍ turn on/ off pencil to make notes as on paper
✓ Highlight Duplicates to avoid repeating numbers
✓ Unlimited undo & redo
✓ sudoku 6x6
✓ sudoku 9x9
✓ sudoku 12x12
✓ Nice designe, easy control
✓ Reset Board
✓ Auto Save : accidentally closed sudoku game don’t worry you don't lose your progres

Sudoku puzzle app come with intuitive design, easy control, and with many difficulty levels for everyone . It’s a best time killer that helps you think, make your brain work and have better memory, so download this classic number game and play sudoku puzzles.

are you an excellent sudoku solver? if yes welcome to our sudoku univer! where you can spend your time, improve your skills with classic number brain . daily game playing will help you become a good sudoku master who quickly slove even the most difficult web puzzles in a quick time, so install and enjoy this beautiful sudoku games.

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